Family pic 2013

Family pic 2013

Friday, December 11, 2015

October in Utah

The kids and I had a fun roadtrip to Utah in October.  The drive was hard but not as terrible as I was expecting and most of the time it was really fun to be together- singing songs, chatting, eating snacks.  We had a great time visiting and doing all of our favorite fall traditions. It was an unusually warm week so we were able to swim every day! Paul joined us for the weekend and then to help drive us home and he and Trev had a blast at a BYU football game.  Lyla and I had also been to one (both kids get all mixed up when it comes to sports..."what time are we going to the basketball party?") 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

4 year old T-man!

Our sweet Trevor turned 4 in October! He wanted a How to Train your Dragon birthday but only wanted family to come, so we celebrated with cousins and grandparents! He got a Hiccup costume and he has pretty much lived in it for the last 2 months. Trevor gets very focused on whatever is on his mind and can't be pulled away until his idea has been completed.  Keeping to our schedule has become more difficult than ever but I know this will be a great trait when he is older... He has the sweetest moments and although I'm sad that he has finally given up naps completely, I love our one on one time during Kaylie's nap each day.  He still loves his blanket and we've given up on telling him to stop sucking his thumb.  Trevor is in a preschool with 4 kids from church and each mom takes a turn to teach.  He had the HARDEST time at first and cried all morning before he had to go. Now he has finally warmed up and goes much more willingly which I am so grateful for.  He has done a little soccer class and now basketball which he love/hates but I love seeing him interact with others and get his energy out.  I love my "Trebbie" as Kaylie calls him.

We happened to be in Utah during Josh's birthday which is a few days after Trevor's so we celebrated both of theirs together.